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Welcome to the official website for Orndorff Medical Technologies (OMT, LLC).

MobileDoc App

Imagine if someone sorted through all the Decision Support resources available for the medical community and then offered only the best tools in one user friendly app. Dream no more! That's exactly what we've done with the MobileDoc app! You'll find only the most reliable databases for clinical decision support (CDS) including top knowledge bases (KB), drug identification and emerging data from reliable studies.

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MD+Code Mobile

MD+Code Mobile streamlines the process to find the correct medical coding terminologies. We've done our research carefully and the app will include a convenient single search engine of all current code sets including; SNOMEDCT, RXNORM, NDC, ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, LOINC, NANDA, HCPCS and more. Add to this the added convenience of optional hands-free interface, allowing speech-to-text searching.

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The MEDBERi app is our largest project and for good reason. The app is being designed to modernize health care systems with innovative concepts and cutting-edge information technology. Our goal is to offer a user-friendly interface for existing systems or the ability to build a system from the ground up... all for a fraction of the cost of current certified EMR systems! We urge you to look at some of the features and revolutionary concepts of this revolutionary app project and consider participating in our co-creation model of development.

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Designed To Impress

Our mission

OMT, LLC specializes in innovative solutions for health care through mobile app development and software design. Our knowledge of Health Care Systems, Health IT, and the day-to-day workflow of clinicians allow our strategies and solutions to exceed expectations. Our intuitive design concepts allow more efficient care delivery leading to improved patient safety. Let our apps help you work by offering easy and secure access to data on multiple platforms.